The Grove Apartments: Next Generation Transportation Options

Convenient access to transportation is a critical piece of our modern lifestyle. For most, “transportation” equals “automobile” and understandably so; the distance we need to cover in the course of a busy day can be dozens of miles. The Grove Apartments doesn’t aim to rewrite the apartment amenities book, rather we’re adding a few more pages of options.

The timing is appropriate. Bismarck is gradually introducing new choices to the transportation equation which open up a new relationship between our homes, lifestyle, and value tradeoffs.

Changing the question from “where do I park” to “how can I get from here to there” can save monthly costs, time behind the wheel, and ultimately rethink how we dedicate land use.

Parking Options

The Grove Apartments has 17 attached indoor secure parking garages and 14 open parking spaces.  For a more complete picture, we’ve compiled a map of all local parking options.

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Ditch the car altogether? Bismarck has plenty of ride share options. If you need to travel less than 5 miles a day for work or necessities, ridesharing can be a cost effective alternative.

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Living in downtown Bismarck has definite advantages. Life is good when you can stroll to the neighborhood coffee shop. Also check out the Downtowners walking resource maps.

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Other Options

Transportation options in Bismarck continue to expand. We’ve gathered a list to add to your back pocket when you are looking to be adventurous or just plain smart.

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Interactive Parking Options Map

The Grove Apartments

17 Secure Parking Spaces, 14 open spaces

Curbside parking 2rd Street

Parkade Parking Ramp

Monthly Rent Rates:

Covered Parking $62.00

Roof-top Parking $38.00

Nights: 4 PM to 4 AM $26.00

Sixth & Thayer Ramp

The monthly rent rate is $62.00 for covered spaces and $38.00 for rooftop spaces.

Third and Main Street Parking

Monthly Rent Rates:

Level 2 – Reserved $73.00

Covered Parking $62.00

Roof-top Parking $38.00

Alley parking $68.00

Nights: 4 PM to 4 AM $26.00

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Other Bismarck Transportation Options